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Whether the "sound source" of elevator noise is the main engine of elevator machine room
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First of all, I think to solve the problem of elevator noise, we must first confirm where the "sound source" of elevator noise is. In order to facilitate the judgment and analysis of "elevator noise source" by the owners who are not familiar with the elevator design and structure, we will provide "the main bearing beam wall of the elevator in the machine room is the same as the public wall of the household in the design, or the main wall of the owner and the main bearing beam of the machine room" for the majority of users and owners who are troubled by the elevator noise based on our current experience of elevator noise interference cases The walls are connected together and rigidly connected with the reinforced concrete of the building, which has become the main "sound bridge" for elevator noise transmission, and the noise source is the main machine of the elevator in the machine room. The discrimination methods are as follows:

1. First, go to the elevator machine room to confirm whether the main bearing beam of the elevator host is fixed on the public wall with the same wall as the household. If this is the case, affected by the solid sound transmission of the elevator, the owner at the bottom of the machine room will definitely be disturbed by the elevator noise (the impact depends on the building structure and elevator brand). Elevator noise is mainly composed of two parts: the first is the elevator host (the main noise is from the host), the roof and wall in the top floor of the house are just connected with the elevator machine room, when the elevator starts and stops, the main brake of the elevator stretches and the brake absorbs; the pulley and the elevator rotate to generate large low-frequency vibration noise through the wall to the top floor or the sub top floor owner's house; the second is the electricity Elevator control electric cabinet, because the control cabinet is fixed in the floor of the machine room to realize rigid connection with the wall, so the noise of contactor absorption and electromagnetic radiation during elevator operation is also transmitted to the owner's room through the floor.

2. In the case of confirming that the above elevator host is fixed, to confirm whether the "sound source" of the noise is affected by the elevator host, we need to analyze and judge from the running state of the elevator. First of all, we can judge from the start and stop noise of the elevator. According to our experience, the noise of elevator transportation is much smaller than that of the brake brake when the elevator starts and stops. Therefore, we can cooperate with each other. In the case of maintaining communication, one person listens to the elevator noise in the room and the other operates the elevator in the elevator car. If the elevator makes a "buzzing" balanced sound during normal operation, and there is a heavy and dull sound and vibration when the elevator starts or stops, it is a case of "the sound source is the main engine".

3. In addition to confirming the above two cases, we also need to analyze and distinguish from the different running directions of the elevator. We know that one end of the elevator wire rope hangs the elevator car we take everyday, and the other end hangs the balance iron block used to balance the gravity of the car (the elevator industry is called elevator counterweight). According to our professional experience, the "counterweight" of the elevator is much heavier than the "car" of the elevator. If the elevator is light load (1-2 people in the car) in the upward state, because the elevator "counterweight" To be heavy, after the brake brake of the elevator is opened, the lift car can be easily pulled up by its own gravity of "counterweight", and the motor of the elevator belongs to the state of discharge; however, when the elevator goes down under light load, because the "counterweight" is heavier than the "car", it needs the main machine of the elevator to use a large frequency conversion voltage and current to make the elevator car run up, which belongs to the state of energy consumption. Therefore, we can still cooperate with each other to listen to the elevator noise in the room while maintaining communication. If the "buzzing" noise of the elevator in the up state is smaller than that of the elevator in the down state, it can be judged that the "sound source" of the noise of the elevator in your place is the impact of the elevator host. Because the noise of elevator motor and main engine in the state of energy consumption is much larger than that in the state of discharge. However, it should be noted that it must be carried out under the light load condition of the elevator. If there are many people and goods in the elevator car, resulting in the "counterweight" of the elevator and the gravity of the "car" equal to each other, it will also become a state of energy consumption when going up.

If the noise of your elevator is consistent with the above three situations, I can tell you for sure: the "sound source" of your elevator noise is mainly the main machine and control cabinet of the elevator. You can solve the elevator noise thoroughly through our environmental protection and noise reduction plan. However, it should be noted that if the inorganic room elevator is another case, the judgment of the above situation is not applicable to the upper type of the inorganic room elevator.

Above, only from the elevator industry and noise transmission to provide you with some methods for reference! If you need our support, I also welcome you to leave a message or contact me! To learn about elevator noise, please visit my blog http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1226065562

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