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◆Elevator room noise reduction system
When the elevator is designed adjacent to the residents, the residents on the top floor will be affected by the elevator room noise (the duplex on the top floor will be more serious). Shenri Elevator Engine Room Noise Control System is designed for the low frequency characteristics of elevator noise. It does not change the elevator design parameters, does not change the building structure of the machine room, and does not affect the indoor decoration of the residents. It only needs to install a vibration reduction system at the bottom of the elevator main unit to effectively isolate the vibration transmission , Completely solve the impact of elevator noise on the top tenants.
Shenri fourth-generation elevator machine room noise reduction technology , the implementation is simpler and faster, and the noise reduction effect is more significant. There are two types of technology applications: upper type  and downward type  (corresponding to the in-use ladder and newly installed ladder), including low speed, high speed  and Super high speed  three series of products.


The elevator main unit vibration reduction system is designed according to the rated load, operating speed, vibration frequency, building structure, installation dimensions and other relevant parameters, which can effectively absorb and block the low frequency vibration of the elevator main unit and ensure the indoor quietness of the top occupants.
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