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◆ The installation of elevator damping products does not change the design and technical parameters of the original manufacturer of the elevator, does not involve the elevator manufacturer's design or technical responsibility disputes, and can be applied to all brand elevators with strong adaptability.

Meet the acceptance and annual inspection

◆ The design of elevator vibration reduction products is based on elevator standards. After the transformation, it can meet all elevator acceptance requirements (including the level of the host, the verticality of the host, and traction points, etc.) without affecting the annual inspection of the elevator. 

Force balance

◆ Elevator vibration damping products are designed by experienced technical experts, and a special vibration damping device is set according to the force situation of the elevator to ensure the effect while solving the problem of uneven force.

Easy maintenance

◆ Full consideration is given to the maintenance of the elevator in the future, and a corresponding balance adjustment device is designed according to the elevator maintenance and adjustment process requirements to facilitate the adjustment of the stress level of the main engine of the elevator in the future.

Product sturdy and practical

◆ The product adopts the piston type elastic steel structure sealing and fastening design to ensure that the shock absorber and other materials in the device are well protected in use, sturdy and practical, and have a longer service life. 

Product safety and reliability

◆ Elevator vibration damping device products have passed the type test certification of the national authoritative testing agency for elevators, and have obtained the safety test qualification approval report. The product performance is safer and more reliable.

long lasting

◆ The product combines the shock absorber customized according to the elevator force and the multilayer low-frequency sound insulation, vibration damping, and sound absorbing composite materials to achieve a decreasing fastening design, which has a relatively longer service life and a more significant effect.

Short stop times

◆ The product is produced according to the size of the elevator and then assembled on the site, which can greatly reduce the downtime of the construction (not more than two days) and secondary pollution caused by construction.
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