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Elevator noise control, still a long way to go!
Read: 249 Author: Mr. elevator source: Elevator noise control release time:2020-01-09

Finally, we can see the moon - the elevator noise drops below 30 decibels!

Although it's late to go back to the rental office, I can't help but come up and announce the good news:

Today, the noise reduction company completed the noise reduction construction. In the evening, my husband and I went to the original house to listen to the noise reduction effect. The noise reduction effect is very good! It's far beyond my original expectation. I can't hear any noise when the elevator is running. I was so excited when I heard it in the room. Later, the decibel meter showed only 20 decibels, almost the same as when the elevator stopped.

First of all, I'd like to thank Mr. elevator for his excellent technology in Shenzhen and Japan, which made the original noise as low as 39.9 decibels. In particular, I'd like to thank Mr. elevator (mobile number: 15986819738, QQ number: 717531371) for not being limited to the reduction below 35 decibels required in the contract, which was directly reduced to more than 20 decibels in a highly responsible manner. In order to avoid coordination, Mr. elevator It's really hard to fly to Beijing again.

First of all, a more detailed and systematic thank you will be added

The above is from "learn from sister cotton" (Ms. Zhao, Nanshan beach, Beijing) blog http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog f4ebd20100kkag.html. In more than eight years of elevator noise management career, I have always enjoyed this sincere and simple friendship and thanks from customers, and as the power source of persistence and efforts. But today, in the face of the blog post of the owner (Ms. Zhao) after the noise reduction treatment of the elevator, I still feel excited and heavy:

A. In order to solve the problem of elevator noise and the health of the next generation, a woman who is going to be a mother has always insisted on communicating, negotiating, fighting and blogging with the developers, and has gone through the first and second trial of the lawsuit and then to the court for compulsory execution. When she was pregnant in October, the elevator noise was finally solved. From our many times of communication and consultation with the court, developers and community property companies, I have understood the hardships and difficulties. More than a year's efforts have turned into instant excitement, just like a spring!

B. The success of "learn from sister cotton" elevator noise lawsuit and the enforcement of the court will not only show that our country is gradually moving towards the rule of law and norms, but also provide reference for more owners suffering from elevator noise. There is a way to protect the rights of elevator noise.

C. Under the premise that there is no requirement for elevator noise control in the national construction specifications, "elevator noise" is springing up with our building construction. But how many people can stick to it like "Ms. Zhao"? How many people choose to bear and get used to this low-frequency harm silently after developers' perfunctory, evasive, or even the Ming Dynasty's rejection? How many people have no hope of safeguarding their rights, but leave this low-frequency noise to the next unfortunate?

I once managed a case in Shenzhen where a house with a top-level duplex unit was traded three times in a year because of elevator noise. When the Environmental Protection Bureau and the Construction Bureau in many areas are not clear about the standards to be implemented for indoor elevator noise, they naturally refuse to accept the complaints or tests from the owners (the government agencies do not accept personal tests), they stay For us and society - elevator noise prevention, still a long way to go!!

For the scientific methods for the thorough control of elevator noise, please visit my blog at http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1226065562 or contact our company directly: 15986819738 (chief designer of elevator noise reduction of Shenzhen Japan mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.) (Note: This article is original by Mr. elevator, and the copyright belongs to Mr. elevator. If you need to reprint, please contact: hua.hitachi@163.com and indicate the source, no Will be held legally responsible.)

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