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Is the harm of elevator noise to people alarmist or real?
Read: 1111 Author: Mr. elevator source: Elevator noise control release time:2020-01-08

Is there radiation effect on elevator noise? Will it affect the development of pregnant women and fetus? Will it affect the five viscera of the human body And listen to the elevator noise control experts for you to explain one by one.


Chapter two is the harm of elevator noise to people alarmist or real?

Welcome to visit the column "elevator noise prevention and control I am an expert - ask if you don't understand". This is the second chapter after the opening of the column. This chapter is dedicated to answering the questions raised by the residents who are troubled by elevator noise in the following three different regions:

1. Ms. Xiao, a duplex resident at the top floor of Yantai, Shandong Province, is very worried because the duplex bedroom is only one wall away from the machine room, and she can often hear the "buzzing" sound. She calls to ask if the low-frequency noise of the elevator has any radiation impact on the room?

2. Mr. Li, a resident of Chaoyang District, Beijing, is going to have a baby, but his wife has been worried about the noise of the elevator. She is worried about the impact of the noise of the elevator on pregnant women. She calls to ask if the low-frequency noise of the elevator will affect the development of pregnant women and fetus?

3. Mr. Zheng, a high-rise resident of Pudong New Area in Shanghai, saw from the network and the report that the elevator's low-frequency noise has a great impact on the human body. He called to ask: experts say that low-frequency noise will have a long-term impact on the human body's organs, is it really that serious?

Editor's note

Mr. elevator, the enlightener of China's elevator noise reduction industry, has been promoting the application of elevator noise prevention and control technology nationwide since 2005. He has provided free consultation and technical answers to the users who are bothered by elevator noise through blogs, QQ, forums, etc. For more than ten years, we have been sticking to our original dream: "to eliminate elevator noise and save people's quiet life!" So far, Mr. elevator and his team have served more than 100000 users.

In order to let more customers get timely answers when encountering difficulties in elevator noise control, "elevator Mr." since March 2019, I have opened "elevator noise prevention and control" in the public address. Customers are welcome to ask questions through the elevator noise control public address, elevator signal or telephone.

Our proposition is: "ask if you don't understand. Welcome to ask!". The elevator noise problem you encounter will be answered and answered by the authoritative expert "Mr. elevator" in China.

In addition, we will regularly select some representative "elevator noise questions" to give public answers, so that more customers suffering from elevator noise can find the right answers.

Question 1 of the owner: does the low frequency noise of the elevator affect the indoor radiation?

Background: Ms. Xiao lives in a small high-rise duplex top floor apartment in Yantai, Shandong Province. The elevator machine room is only one wall away from the duplex second floor. When resting indoors, she can often hear the "buzzing" sound. She feels uncomfortable and is particularly worried about the radiation impact of the elevator on people. She hopes to confirm whether the "buzzing" sound has radiation impact on human body. This sound can No solution.


Reply 1 the elevator will not cause radiation impact on the interior!

Mr. elevator answers:

Elevators do not have a radiation effect on adjacent rooms. First of all, the elevator itself uses the conventional 380V civil power supply, and there is no high voltage for equipment and on-site electricity; second, the electromagnetic field generated by the elevator's motor, frequency converter, transformer and other components is very weak, almost negligible (its magnetic field impact is only equivalent to the TV or refrigerator in the household); third, the household and the elevator room will be separated by special walls, mixed The magnetic field can be isolated by concrete and interior decoration. To sum up, the elevator will not have a radiation impact on the interior.

Some experts have specially tested the magnetic field intensity in the top floor owner's room (respectively on the elevator operation and stop), and found that the elevator operation has no obvious change to the indoor electromagnetic radiation data, which is not as great as the influence of home appliance television on the indoor electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, you can completely ignore the impact of the elevator on the indoor radiation. (welcome to the original column "elevator noise prevention and control I am an expert - ask if you don't understand")


The "buzz" you hear in the room is not caused by radiation, but the vibration of the elevator when it is running at high speed is transmitted to the indoor solid through the rigid structure connection of the wall. Any high-speed rotating equipment will produce vibration, and the vibration will be transmitted along the rigid structure, that is to say, the vibration of the elevator in high-speed operation will be transmitted through the connection between the bearing steel of the elevator and the acoustic bridge of the building structure, and then form the secondary solid sound transmission effect in the room. At present, this kind of noise interference is called low-frequency noise interference in the field of environmental protection. The main frequency of the vibration of the sound is mainly 63hz-500hz, and often one or two main frequency vibration peaks are particularly prominent. Therefore, this kind of "buzzing" sound will make people feel everywhere, often very uncomfortable (especially for the people who are more sensitive to the sound, the impact is more serious). What do you think about it The low frequency vibration of the "buzzing" elevator can be completely solved by adding the vibration reduction and noise reduction system of Shenzhen and Japan machine rooms. Shenzhen and Japan elevator noise reduction team was lucky to start the practice and research of low frequency vibration control technology of elevator in 2004. So far, it has developed a number of series of elevator noise reduction control products, which have been widely used in most cities and regions in the country. At present, the technology is very mature. After installing the noise reduction device of Shenzhen and Japan elevators, your home will no longer be disturbed by the low-frequency noise of "buzzing", which can restore a quiet space and a healthier life. Shenri company solemnly promises to the residents: after noise reduction treatment, it can ensure the satisfaction and recognition of the residents, and no charge will be charged if it fails to meet the standard. Therefore, if necessary, you can call the Shenzhen Japan noise reduction hotline for technical consultation (0755-86379063).

This is also a hot issue of environmental complaints at this stage. What you need to do is to carefully evaluate your and your family's sensitivity and acceptance of the noise in combination with the current situation of noise interference. If you or your family can't accept it, you need to consider noise reduction. (welcome to the original column "elevator noise prevention and control I am an expert - ask if you don't understand")

Owner's question 2: will elevator low-frequency noise affect the development of pregnant women and fetus?

Background: Mr. and Mrs. Li, from Chaoyang District, Beijing, lived in the high-rise residential area purchased in October 2018. After they had a happy stay in the new house, they planned to prepare for the birth of children. However, it lives on the top floor, the elevator and the living room share the same wall, and has been plagued by elevator noise since it moved in. Although the master room and the elevator have been separated by a certain distance (separated from the living room), the interference from the elevator noise can still be felt in the master room at night and in the morning. Mr. Li himself can barely bear the elevator noise, while his wife has a certain degree of annoyance about the noise, and is often unhappy about it. They have also been communicating with property companies, but they can not find a good solution. Facing the expectation of their families to hold their grandchildren, they are very worried about the impact of elevator noise on pregnant women and fetus, so they often fall into tangles and contradictions. Through the network to understand the Shenzhen and Japan company, and call consultation, hope to confirm whether the elevator noise pregnant women and fetuses, elevator noise can be very good solution.

Reply 2 noise does harm to human health!

Mr. elevator answers:

The harm of noise to human body originated from the appeal of the World Health Organization. According to who's investigation and analysis of noise pollution around the world and the epidemiological study of European countries, it is believed that noise pollution has become an environmental factor affecting human health after air pollution, can affect people's hearing, and can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, memory decline, inattention and other mental syndromes, and actively appeals to all countries Actively take effective measures to control to reduce the impact. It can be seen that noise (especially elevator low-frequency noise) does have a significant impact on people's perception, sleep, mood and other aspects. In the long-term noise interference environment, it will also bring harm to people's health due to the above reasons. (welcome to the original column "elevator noise prevention and control I am an expert - ask if you don't understand")


Pregnant women's pregnancy and fetal development are in need of comprehensive family care, and there will be a certain degree of fluctuation in all aspects of pregnant women's emotions. Since your wife herself has an impact on elevator noise

There is a large degree of annoyance, so you have to think about it carefully. It can be predicted that the elevator low-frequency noise will definitely bring your wife adverse emotional reactions during pregnancy, and may affect the development of the fetus. Because in recent years, there have been many cases of low-frequency noise sufferers in Beijing, such as pregnant women's abortion and children's congenital deafness after birth, such as the case of noise in fuguiyuan, Chongwen District. The details of the report are as follows:



There are also cases of low frequency noise of water pumps in Fengtai District. The victims also sued the development company for justice. Although the court didn't confirm the judgment of causality due to the reasons of adducing evidence, it was only certain

To a certain extent, the case was closed with humanitarian compensation to the victims. In addition, there have also been cases of death and egg production decline of layer farmers in China, for which the farmers have finally been compensated. The details of the report are as follows:


The occurrence of these cases once again shows that noise does have a negative impact on the human body to a certain extent, which needs our attention. So I suggest: if you really want a baby, you still need to implement the noise reduction treatment of the elevator as soon as possible or consider moving out of the room affected by the elevator noise. (welcome to the original column "elevator noise prevention and control I am an expert - ask if you don't understand")

According to the technical confirmation of the elevator pictures provided by you, the noise of your elevator can be completely solved by adding our elevator machine room vibration reduction and noise reduction system. More than 80% of China's top 100 real estate enterprises have applied real estate brands

Shenzhen and Japan's elevator noise reduction plan has better solved the elevator noise; so far, Mr. elevator team has solved the problem of elevator noise for nearly 100000 households suffering from the problem of elevator noise in China, and is the only company in China that takes the satisfaction of residents as the governance and acceptance standard. So choose Shenzhen and Japan noise reduction plan, the elevator noise in your home can be completely solved.


Owner's question 3: experts say that low-frequency noise will have long-term impact on the human body's organs, is it really that serious?

Background: the elevator living room of Mr. Zheng, a resident of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, is designed adjacent to the elevator. You can hear the "buzzing" elevator running noise every night when you watch TV or have a rest. Although the room has a certain distance from the elevator, it can also be obviously disturbed by the elevator noise at night. Sometimes I don't pay attention when I'm busy at work, but when I'm in a bad mood, the elevator noise is like a match, which often ignites my troubles. In order to solve the problem, look for solutions from the network. Since reading the report and seeing that "elevator noise is low-frequency vibration noise, which has a great impact on the human body and will have an impact on the viscera and viscera of the human body", I always feel cool in my heart and worry that I will also be affected. Therefore, I come to the phone to ask: is the impact of elevator noise serious? Is it alarmist or will it really have an impact on the human body? Elevator noise will not hurt the internal organs of human body?

Mr. elevator answers:

"Elevator noise may damage the internal organs of human body" originated from a report of global times life weekly on November 29, 2005 (http://www.people.com.cn/gb/paper3024/16271/1437021.html), in which Dou Yansheng, director of Environmental Impact Assessment Office of China CDC, was quoted as saying: "although the physiological impact of elevator and other low-frequency noise on human beings However, it is not as obvious as high-frequency noise, but it can reach the ear bone of people, which makes the sympathetic nervous nervous nervous tension, leading to tachycardia, blood pressure rise, endocrine disorders. " Meng Qingshu, an otolaryngologist in Xuanwu District Hospital of Capital Medical University, was quoted as saying: "low frequency noise is a chronic injury to the human body, which is easy to make people fidgety, irritable, and even irrational. If it is attacked for a long time, it may also cause neurasthenia, insomnia and other neurological diseases, and even affect the development of the fetus in the womb of pregnant women."


In addition, although the World Health Organization has issued many appeals, it believes that noise pollution has become an environmental factor affecting human health after air pollution. But these are just some warm suggestions from health experts to protect people's health. In fact, the impact of elevator noise on people is not so terrible. According to the analysis of the communication with the elevator noise sufferers in the nearly 50000 elevator noise cases served by Shenzhen and Japan company, the acceptance ability of different groups of people to elevator noise is very different, and not all people have strong antipathy to elevator noise. Due to the different sensitivity of individuals to noise, the influence of elevator noise is also very different. For example, in our real case, there are more than 40 decibels of indoor noise in the top floor of the community, but the owner of the top floor does not complain and does not think it has any impact (because he is not sensitive to noise and has no annoyance); however, the residents of the second top floor below him are even the residents of the last third floor, and the indoor noise at night has reached 35 decibels, but they think they will hear the elevator noise It's hard. I feel that life and rest are greatly disturbed. Therefore, we believe that whether elevator noise has a health impact on human body depends more on the individual's sensitivity to noise. (welcome to the original column "elevator noise prevention and control I am an expert - ask if you don't understand")


According to the research results of communication and communication between Shenzhen and Japan company and elevator noise disturbing residents in recent ten years, and return visit after elevator noise reduction, the main negative effect of noise pollution is what people often call "annoying". Noise may not bring direct disease to people's psychological interference, but it will have a serious impact on people's psychology. Noise interference may lead to anger, disappointment, dissatisfaction, helplessness, depression, anxiety, distraction, fatigue and other negative psychology; it may also lead to related psychological stress symptoms such as fatigue, discomfort, because there are risk factors, people feel fidgety, sleep is not good, etc. However, as for the statement that "elevator noise may damage the internal organs of human body", we think it belongs to the propaganda of the media, which is a bit exaggerated or alarmist.


Shenzhen and Japan company professional advice: if you or your family have obvious "discomfort" to elevator noise, and often affect mood and sleep, then we suggest you take noise reduction measures as soon as possible to solve the problem of elevator noise. Because optimistic attitude and enough sleep are the important components of the four elements of human health. If the two elements of human health interfere for a long time, the health of you or your family will be affected, which will lead to the generation of unhealthy factors. If you have children, pregnant women, sick old people, etc. in your home that need to be protected, you should be more careful about the elevator noise and remove the impact of the elevator noise. Of course, if you are not sensitive to the elevator noise at all and have no worries, I think you can completely ignore the existence of the elevator noise, because the elevator noise will not have any impact on you. Shenzhen and Japan support the view that without influence, there will be no harm.


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