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Can elevator noise really be completely solved?
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Chapter one can elevator noise be solved completely?

Welcome to visit the column "elevator noise prevention and control I'm an expert - ask if you don't understand". This chapter is about elevator noise questions - Mr. Wang from Chaoyang District, Beijing. He is a compound resident who has been bothering for many years. He has experienced many unsuccessful setbacks in elevator noise reduction, and he once thought that "elevator noise is a cancer that can't be treated", until he saw the deep days The elevator noise reduction management is introduced, Mr. Wang just put forward the question.

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Since 2005, Mr. elevator has started to promote the application of elevator noise reduction technology in the whole country, and has provided technical consultation, question answering and help for users who are troubled by elevator noise through blog, QQ, forum and other ways; for more than ten years, Mr. elevator team has been sticking to the original dream - "eliminate elevator noise, save the quiet life that should belong to people! " So far, more than 100000 users have been answered, supported and served by Mr. elevator.

In order to let more elevator noise trouble customers get answers and technical support when they encounter difficulties and questions in elevator noise problems and elevator technology applications, Mr. elevator will set up a column in March 2019 on the public address, "elevator noise prevention, I am an expert - I don't understand you." Welcome the elevator noise trapped customers through elevator noise control public number, elevator Mr. micro signal or telephone to put forward your questions.

Our proposition is: "ask if you don't understand! Welcome to ask! " The most authoritative expert in elevator noise prevention and control in China, Mr. elevator, will answer the elevator noise problems you encounter.

In addition, we will regularly select representative "elevator noise questions" and give public answers in public numbers so as to facilitate more customers who are plagued by elevator noise and can directly find the correct answers.

Can elevator noise really be completely solved?

Question 1:


Mr. Wang's family lives in Chaoyang District, Beijing. He is a top-level compound unit resident in a high-rise residential area (there are 19 floors in the residential area and 19-20 floors in his family). He has been plagued by elevator noise for many years. Before that, he complained to the property company many times and asked the property company to take noise reduction measures. Later, the property also accepted Mr. Wang's complaints and suggestions, and installed sound absorption measures for the walls of the elevator machine room as required. However, after the implementation of wall sound absorption and noise reduction, the noise reduction effect of the elevator in the home is not obvious.

Since then, Mr. Wang can't stand the interference of elevator noise, based on the property company has made the elevator noise reduction rectification as required, so he can only take the responsibility of elevator noise reduction management. He spent 100000 yuan on the elevator before and after the transformation and management of vibration and noise reduction, and found noise reduction companies in Beijing and Hangzhou to add shock absorber parts to the elevator host. Although after the transformation, the noise of the indoor elevator is significantly lower than the original, but the gap with his personal pursuit is still large. In his words, "I think the low-frequency noise of the elevator is still relatively large, especially the action sound of holding the brake when the elevator is running and the" buzzing "sound when the elevator is running. It's very uncomfortable to drill into the ear when it's quiet." However, the elevator noise reduction company replied: "this is the best noise reduction treatment effect; after noise reduction treatment, the indoor elevator noise has been lower than the national standard; your elevator noise can only be reduced, it is impossible to control completely without yo!"! Are you too sensitive? You should also learn to adapt to it! ". Mr. Wang is also a more objective person. He admits that "in the later stage, the vibration reduction and noise reduction of elevators are still effective. The noise of indoor elevators has been reduced from about 40 decibels to 34.7 decibels at present, and the on-site detection is indeed lower than the indoor noise standard at night in the code for sound insulation design of civil buildings". The helpless Mr. Wang was finally forced to accept this view: Elevator noise is a cancer that can not be treated in the building, which can only be reduced to a certain extent, and can not be completely solved!

However, because the influence of elevator noise still exists, Mr. Wang often feels uncomfortable when he hears the influence of elevator noise, so he often checks the knowledge of elevator noise reduction on the Internet, hoping for technological innovation and miracles. Until one night, affected by the elevator noise, I couldn't sleep. I opened the website of Shenzhen Japan elevator noise control research center on the Internet (http://www.sun3-enac.com) (click the end of the article to read the original text to enter the website), and saw an introduction to Shenzhen Japan elevator noise reduction technology, a successful case of elevator noise reduction management, the owner's recognition of Shenzhen Japan elevator noise reduction and Mr. elevator, so I couldn't help but go to Shenzhen Japan The company made a phone call and put forward to Shenzhen and Japan the technical questions that it had been pressing on its heart for many years: "can elevator noise really be solved?"

Elevator noise can be solved!

Reply 1:

Mr. elevator's reply to this question:

Elevator noise can be divided into two types: one is machine room noise, the other is rail noise. It depends on the model and structure of the elevator used in your community, and analyzes which kind of noise interference is caused by the elevator noise impact in your home, so as to remedy the problem; in addition, because your home is a duplex house structure, the elevator machine room is located next to the duplex second floor, so it is necessary to test and analyze whether the wall shared by your home and the machine room meets the sound insulation requirements of the current equipment If the wall is of light brick structure, it is likely to have air borne sound transmission effect (it can only be confirmed after the test)

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