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Our company was invited to attend the science and technology salon organized by the "Guangzhou Environmental Science Society" and give a lecture on the innovative technology of elevator noise reduction governance
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On the morning of September 6, the "Technical Development and Thinking of Environmental Noise and Environmental Vibration Evaluation Standards and Treatment Technology" organized by the "Guangzhou Environmental Science Society" was successfully held at the Huatai Hotel in Guangzhou.

Many noise industry experts in Guangdong Province attended and shared professional technical experience in various fields for the conference, from environmental monitoring systems, environmental impact assessment systems, noise prevention engineering companies, builders and design institutes, etc. in the field of environmental acoustics and noise prevention 300 Many people participated in this salon exchange activity.

This session of the acoustic technology salon is divided into two parts: expert explanation and corporate experience sharing. During the meeting, our technical director Mr. Ma Denghua made a special sharing of "elevator noise prevention evaluation and engineering technology cases" for the salon meeting.

The atmosphere of the event was warm and full of seats

In this science and technology salon event, a professor-level senior engineer of the Guangzhou Environmental Monitoring Center Station, a senior member of the Chinese Acoustics Society, a deputy head of the atmospheric noise group of the Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Expert Technical Committee, a member of the Guangdong Provincial People ’s Mediation Committee for Environmental Protection Disputes, Guangzhou Deputy director of the Environmental Protection Industry Expert Technical Committee, "Acoustic Environmental Quality Standards" (GB3096-2008), "Social and Environmental Noise Emission Standards" (GB 22337-2008) and "Technical Policies for the Prevention and Control of Ground Traffic Noise Pollution" [2010] Professor Lu Qingpu, the main editor of No. 7, reviewed with us the contents and themes of previous acoustic technology salons, the problems raised and resolved by the previous salons, the follow-up and development status of the outstanding problems in the salon.

For example, in 2013, "How to achieve a subjective, objective and consistent evaluation and treatment of acoustic environment quality issues", in 2014, "Analysis of traffic noise pollution characteristics and indoor noise prevention measures for sensitive buildings", and in 2015, "Analysis of subway noise pollution characteristics" And discussion on noise prevention measures "and other series of technology salon activities.

Professor Lu as an expert explanation

(Professor Lu explained as an expert) Under the current situation that environmental noise and environmental vibration in China are relatively lagging in terms of evaluation standards and governance technologies, and lack of understanding of evaluation, the "Acoustic Science and Technology Salon" activity centered on enterprise technological innovation Solving outstanding problems in the field of environmental acoustics and promoting the development of the industry have played a positive role.

Professor Lu highly affirmed the achievements of the Science and Technology Salon, and all the participants also highly agreed with the achievements of the Science and Technology Salon.

The atmosphere at the event was warm and full of seats

Elevator noise disturbing people is a new problem encountered in the development of modern high-rise residential buildings, and a hot complaint problem that has always plagued environmental acoustics. Shenzhen Shenri Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., as an expert enterprise in the elevator noise reduction technology prevention industry, was warmly invited by this acoustic technology salon.

Our technical director, Mr. Ma Denghua, made an innovative technology topic management experience and application of evaluation standards in the "Elevator Noise Prevention Evaluation Discussion and Engineering Technology Cases" at this salon meeting.

To the experts and guests at the meeting, the company introduced the scientific and technological achievements of Shenri in recent years in the field of elevator noise reduction technology, as well as the subjective and objective and consistent elevator noise reduction control project case experience, and combined with the "Residential Indoor Noise of Residential Building" Standards "and the" Environmental and Indoor Noise Limit Standards "developed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the relevant detection standards and methods in the application of elevator noise prevention and application of standard difficulties, on" how to solve the problem of modern building elevator noise, achieve a subjective, objective and consistent "Elevator noise reduction management" put forward some of its own practical application thinking and expectations.

Mr. Ma Denghua make a special company to share technical director Shenri

In response to a large number of cases of elevator noise complaints that still meet the standards but still disturb the people, in order to solve the shortcomings of the new standards and regulations in the elevator noise prevention and evaluation, Shenzhen Sun expects to establish a set with the industry experts to achieve Elevator noise detection methods and standards for "consistent evaluation of subjective and guest perceptions" (that is, noise monitoring evaluation standards or data consistent with human senses).

This is the only way to solve the current serious situation of elevator noise complaints-this is also a meaningful thing that has a significant contribution to the social and national environmental protection cause. This proposal was warmly responded to by the participating experts.

The guests listened carefully to the experts' speeches

In this technology salon, there are also noise prevention technical design and noise from experts in the field of technical prevention and control, including transformer noise prevention, pump low frequency noise treatment, cooling tower noise prevention, road traffic noise barrier design, ventilation and sound insulation windows Governance engineering experience sharing, the content is very comprehensive and rich.

Finally, the meeting ended with warm applause!



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