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Our company was invited to attend the "Environmental Noise and Environmental Vibration and Governance Technology Exchange Conference" organized by "Dongguan Environmental Protection Industry Association"
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The technical director of our company, Mr. Ma Denghua, shared the technology of "How to Realize the Subjective, Objective and Consistent Control of Elevator Noise and Elevator Noise Evaluation" for the conference.


On the afternoon of September 25, the "Environmental Noise and Environmental Vibration Evaluation Standards and Treatment Technology Exchange Meeting" organized by "Dongguan Environmental Protection Industry Association" was successfully held at the Nile Hotel in Dongguan. More than 100 professionals from environmental monitoring systems, environmental assessment units and well-known noise prevention engineering enterprises in Dongguan and surrounding cities participated in this acoustic technology exchange meeting. The meeting was divided into two sections: expert explanation and expert-level enterprise experience sharing. Mr. Ma Denghua, the technical director of our company, was invited to share "How to realize the subjective, objective and consistent control of elevator noise and the discussion of elevator noise evaluation" for the conference.


(The atmosphere at the meeting was warm)

This meeting invited Professor Lu Qingpu to give an expert presentation. Professor Lu is a professor-level senior engineer at the Guangzhou Environmental Monitoring Center Station, the deputy leader of the atmospheric noise group of the Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Expert Technical Committee, a member of the Guangdong Province Environmental Protection Dispute People's Mediation Committee, and a Guangzhou Environmental Protection Industry Expert Technical Committee. Acoustic Environmental Quality Standards (GB3096-2008), "Social Living Environment Noise Emission Standards" (GB 22337-2008), and "Ground Traffic Noise Pollution Prevention and Control Technology Policy" Huanfa [2010] No. 7 is one of the main compilers. Professor Lu has accumulated a large number of practical cases and rich practical research experience in traffic noise, environmental noise, and indoor noise monitoring and evaluation. His "subjective, objective and consistent" noise evaluation method can well solve the problem of noise prevention. The contradictory issue of “noise standards are inconsistent with people ’s real perception”, many experts from participating companies also expressed empathy and expressed their own opinions on the current status of noise regulation.


((Professor Lu speaks as an expert)

During the meeting, Professor Lu also fully analyzed various misunderstandings of current environmental noise pollution assessment through a large number of cases, and talked about the relative lag of environmental noise pollution assessment, evaluation standards, and related laws and regulations, and encountered obstacles in implementation Under the circumstances, how to use the standard in combination with the actual situation to find a scientific evaluation method and break through the experience of innovative technology. Professor Lu believes that only with the goal of "achieving subjective and objective consistent evaluation and governance" can the environmental noise problem be truly solved, and this goal can be achieved through technology.

(The atmosphere at the meeting was warm)

Elevator noise disturbing people is a new problem encountered in modern high-rise residential buildings, and it is also a hot complaint problem that has always plagued the environmental acoustics industry. As the leader of the elevator noise reduction industry, Mr. Ma Denghua, the company's technical director, introduced the participants to the meeting on how to achieve "subjective and objective" elevator noise reduction management experience in the field of elevator noise prevention; For the current society, whether it is the building design unit, the supervision department, or the victims of elevator noise, there is still a lack of understanding of elevator noise prevention, and some of his own empirical arguments are also proposed.


(Senri's Technical Director Mr. Ma Denghua shared experience)

In the current cases of elevator noise complaints, there are still a lot of cases of "compliance with standards, but still disturbing the people". Therefore, Shenri Company looks forward to working with industry experts to establish a set of elevator noise detection methods and evaluation standards that can ultimately achieve the "consistent perception of the subject and the guest" (that is, noise monitoring and evaluation standards or data consistent with human senses). This is the only way to resolve the current serious situation of elevator noise complaints-this is also a matter of great significance to society and the national environmental protection cause, and the proposal has been actively responded by many experts.


(Guests ask questions)

In this acoustic technology exchange meeting, there are also experience sharing in the fields of cooling tower noise management, road noise barriers, ventilation and sound insulation windows, etc. The content is very rich and exciting. At the meeting, five guests raised questions about the acoustic problems encountered in their actual work, and the experts at the meeting answered the questions on the spot. The atmosphere was very warm.

The meeting ended with endless applause!


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