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A senior architect's review of "elevator noise control incident"
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   This is the first chapter of the column about the most beautiful people in Shenzhen and Japan on the road


——At the moment when the elevator resumed operation, there was no more crashing noise. At home, almost no elevator operation was felt. This nightmare like experience can finally be passed!


Chapter one a senior architect's review of "elevator noise prevention and control event"

Editor's note:

"To eliminate elevator noise and save people's quiet life!" For this ideal, all the people in Shenzhen and Japan started running all over the country, endured the loneliness of long-term business trip, and gave up the chance to get together with their families again and again——

On the way to dream, the people of Shenzhen and Japan wrote moving stories one after another, leaving behind the most beautiful back. This chapter "the most beautiful people in Shenzhen and Japan on the road" is about a master from the construction industry who encountered elevator noise and how to prevent it.

Mr. Liu, who lives in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, is a very outstanding architectural designer. He is very emotional and versatile. His hand painting is even amazing. He wrote the experience of elevator noise control into an "event diary". The following is a manuscript of "elevator noise reduction event" written by Mr. Liu himself. (welcome to the WeChat public address of "elevator noise control"), which is the original column of "the most beautiful people on the road".

Text version of "elevator noise reduction event":

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Elevator noise reduction event

March 26, 2019 (elevator noise causes great trouble to family members)

It's called the incident because I didn't expect that there would be elevator noise in the new house. It's a big deal. It's rather tricky to deal with. This incident even caused certain impact on the family. My wife even lost more than ten kilograms of meat. My heart is like a heavy stone. If this hidden danger is not eliminated, it will cause great harm. I hope people will listen to me slowly.

For the convenience of children going to school and the elderly going up and down the stairs, my wife and I bought this suite in a hurry, one ladder and two households, on the top floor. When looking at the house, the flat is quite good. Because I am an architect, I know the quality of the house, and my wife is willing to live at a high place, hoping to see the beautiful high-rise scenery, so I will pay for the house soon. As for other problems brought by the top floor, such as fire evacuation safety, rain leakage and energy conservation and heat preservation, it is not the same thing. Only ignored an important problem - the elevator room is very close to home, the noise problem is not considered. (welcome to the WeChat public address of "elevator noise control"), which is the original column of "the most beautiful people on the road".


(Mr. Liu draws the picture by hand)

I am the architect. The new house must be designed according to my own intention. After drawing a lot of sketches and collecting many cases, I have to go to the scene to check and find out the feeling! The elevator running noise that I didn't pay attention to when I was looking at the house finally revealed its ferocious face. Every corner of the family is full of elevator noise, especially when the elevator goes up and the elevator starts holding brake. The noise immediately aroused my vigilance. What I was worried about was that there would be many difficulties in eliminating the noise. Because I am a designer, I learned acoustic knowledge at school. To eliminate noise, I can only take noise reduction measures, such as perforated sound-absorbing board, thin plate sound-absorbing structure, etc. It's estimated that the investment and cost will be increased when decorating, but it's a professional thing, a headache! (welcome to the WeChat public address of "elevator noise control"), which is the original column of "the most beautiful people on the road".

I graduated from architecture. Why don't you bring professional instruments with you to test it? In order to understand the decibel value of noise, I even downloaded the decibel measurement software on my mobile phone, and repeatedly compared it with the adjacent elevator. Why the same house type, the same manufacturer elevator, installation can not see the difference, noise difference is so big? (the adjacent elderly residents can hardly hear the elevator noise next to their own home)


(Mr. Liu draws the picture by hand)

When younger martial brother arrived with a professional instrument and got the test results, he was also surprised. The noise frequency ranges from the lowest 25Hz to 500Hz. More importantly, the low-frequency band is particularly obvious. He told me that the low-frequency noise is very difficult to deal with. The wavelength is more than 1 meter, and there is almost no good way. The only possibility is to add a ceiling, but for the low-frequency noise with a wavelength of 1 meter, the ceiling can't be suspended for more than 1 meter! In addition, other sound insulation structures do not work! But he basically diagnosed that the elevator vibration passes through the rigid wall, the floor is transferred to the room, and the building and floor in the room are also sounding. To eliminate the elevator noise, there is no way but to eliminate the vibration source. (welcome to the WeChat public address of "elevator noise control"), which is the original column of "the most beautiful people on the road".


(Mr. Liu draws the picture by hand)

Silly I hurried to find the property, hope the property can lead to find a way. When I told the principle of noise to the property management, the property management was stupid. Where have they heard the professional terms of low frequency, high frequency, wave length, vibration solid sound transmission, isolation pad, elevator machine room structure host (tractor) and bearing steel beam! And when it comes to the elevator manufacturer's lack of cooperation and the maintenance company's personnel don't understand these problems, the funniest thing is that they put forward suggestions: "sell the house if you can't!"

See the golden time of decoration is coming, and children's learning is becoming more and more tense. I simply gamble, while the decoration while contacting the property, while collecting information online. I read the acoustic knowledge I learned at school and tried to solve the elevator noise with all my strength. I even hope that I can get used to the elevator noise if I am used to it. When I see a worried wife, I can only pretend to comfort her and even criticize her for being too sensitive and not confident. (welcome to the WeChat public address of "elevator noise control"), which is the original column of "the most beautiful people on the road".

March 26-27, 2019 (Shenzhen and Japan employees come home to do the elevator vibration reduction and noise reduction construction)

Workers in the south are generally meticulous in their work. After several times of urging, the worker Shifu came to Taiyuan. They were all Guangdong postgraduates. You can see from their looks and figures. After receiving the goods from other places, the workers arrived at the scene. Good guy, a bunch of iron guys, at a glance, they knew that the weight was quite heavy.


(cherry blossom on the road, beautiful scenery in the community)

Can the elevator reduce noise well? I was nervous. Although I understood the principle, I was worried about the complexity of noise processing. "No problem," Xie said Don't worry about him. If you don't, you don't know. (welcome to the WeChat public address of "elevator noise control"), which is the original column of "the most beautiful people on the road".

The workers are highly efficient. In the process of unloading and putting tools on site, it can be seen that the small team has clear division of labor and orderly work. The most critical point is that the horizontal transportation tools are completely self-contained, and flat cars, crowbars and other tools have their own purposes. Due to the heavy weight of the equipment, a single shock absorption platform can only be lifted by workers with crowbars, which is estimated to be more than 300 Jin. The three have formed a fixed pattern, with a clear division of labor, and no one is lazy, no mouth, and very professional to complete their own and common work.


(the flat car provided by the people of Shenzhen and Japan)

The next day, it was agreed to start work at 8:00, and the worker's Master arrived on time. First, remove the mineral wool board (which the property tries to use for sound insulation), stop the elevator, fix the horizontal direction of the original steel beam, remove the cement pier on one side of the steel beam, use the jack and concrete head to pad the steel beam, and carry out the specialized treatment for the elevator shaft and elevator. Near noon, the construction of the north side of the elevator steel beam was started, and the installation space (all reinforced concrete) was chiseled out. At noon, they were not allowed to operate. They worked all afternoon. Xie Gong drew the size, two masters were working, one was busy up and down and cleaned up the garbage generated at any time. A variety of tools are used in the middle, including level gauge, point drill and flat drill in percussion drill. (welcome to the WeChat public number of "elevator noise control"), this is the original column of "the most beautiful people on the road".


(people from Shenzhen and Japan are very professional in construction!)

It's also a skill for workers to connect electricity from elevators due to heavy load of electricity in the middle and power failure. It's hard to chisel out the reinforced concrete. It took two people a long time. The dust was flying, but the worker's master was busy with his work all the time and passed in the noise in the afternoon.


(people in Shenzhen and Japan put their tools in order and clean the ground)

Key records:

1. LV always went to the roof to have a look. He worried about the safety problems caused by the passive passing of the elevator, which is inevitable. I dispelled his concerns, and he let the construction continue. In fact, I have been worried about the elevator manufacturers, elevator maintenance units and property companies to block this transformation. In order to solve the problem faster, I proposed to pay for it by myself, because the property is unwilling to pay, and it takes time and effort to appeal or file a lawsuit, which is really for the sake of children and parents' early check-in, so I can only do so. What's more, this damping problem is too professional, only a few people can understand it, and there is no way, just because the price is a little expensive! (welcome to the WeChat public address of "elevator noise control"), which is the original column of "the most beautiful people on the road".


(Shenzhen and Japan cooperate with each other in the elevator shaft!)

2. Professional attitude of businessmen and staff in the south. We can say that Shenzhen and Japan have done a very good job in transportation, loading, commencement, intermediate process to final welding, painting, site cleaning and preliminary inspection by the owner. First of all, the personnel allocation is reasonable, not less, the personnel quality is high, the degree of specialization is high, the arrangement is reasonable, serious and not slack; second, there are all kinds of specialized tools, everything in the tool cabinet, and the code is put in place, so it will not be blind when working, the tools such as cement, sand, iron sheet, welding rod, ruler are complete, even the knitting of construction waste after installation and demolition The bags were also delivered together. The workers did not go out to purchase any more during the construction process, did not delay the time at all, and did not cause any trouble to the owner. Except for the key points of water mixed cement and sand, all of them were completed independently. A set of iron cabinet with screws and nuts is ready, and the workers almost have no waste after finishing the work, so they really admire it. Finally, it's the comprehensive professional quality of the workers, who almost understand the elevator. Such a professional company and professional workers are really powerful! (welcome to the WeChat public address of "elevator noise control"), which is the original column of "the most beautiful people on the road".


(Taiyuan railway station square, Shanxi Province, next station for Shenzhen and Japan)

March 30, 2019 (the noise reduction effect of Shenzhen and Japan is really good)

Good news:

After two days' work, as promised by Shenzhen and Japan, when the elevator resumed operation, I didn't hear the crashing noise any more, and I certainly couldn't feel the operation of the elevator at home. It's amazing, even incredible, that this nightmare like experience can finally pass! (welcome to the WeChat public address of "elevator noise control"), which is the original column of "the most beautiful people on the road".

After finishing the handover ceremony in the old home and selling the old home to others, you have to live in the new home. The newly decorated new house is really quiet. Finally, I can go to sleep at ease. From Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday construction, Thursday and Friday transition, finally ended the elevator noise reduction journey.

Recorded at 1:00 a.m. on April 3, 2019

Mr. Liu, Taiyuan, Shanxi

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