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The elevator noise perplexes for ten years, and it has been solved by unremitting efforts!
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Introduction: the following content is quoted from the blog of Qing Zhengke, the most influential elevator noise advocate in Beijing: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog b8e3010me3.html

Aunt Wang, the owner of Chaoyang E-City community in Beijing, has been deeply polluted by the low-frequency noise of elevators and has negotiated for many years, but the developer and the property company have delayed and evaded the rectification obligations for various reasons. In January 2011, lawyer Qing, a professional noise case lawyer, accepted the entrustment of Aunt Wang. Lawyer Qing communicated and coordinated with the case handling judge for many times, and sent letters to Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and national environmental protection bureau to state the pollution of low-frequency noise and the application of law. After many efforts, the developer finally agreed to rectify the elevator and eliminate noise. At present, the developer entrusts the professional elevator noise rectification company (shenri mechanical and electrical company) to effectively rectify the elevator of Aunt Wang's building.

Although it's been more than a month, I still have feelings after seeing the report of lawyer Qing above. Thanks to the trust of "community residents" and "developers' urban construction real estate", we once again provide elevator noise solutions for Beijing Electronic City community which has been suffering from "elevator noise for nearly ten years" reported by many media. After treatment, the original 40 decibels of elevator noise has been reduced to more than 20 decibels, and the elevator noise is basically not felt, so as to achieve the goal of subjective and objective consistency. Aunt Wang, the owner, was also very satisfied. In her words, she said, "I can finally sleep in peace!".

As this case involves the application of laws and regulations, it has also been highly concerned by the environmental protection industry and the experts involved in the formulation of laws and regulations of the Ministry of environmental protection after the report. Among them, Mr. Lu Qingpu, a professor level expert who participated in the system of noise standard for social life environment and quality standard for acoustic environment, came to the scene to test before and after noise reduction treatment, and the data was collected as a classic case. The test data before and after partial treatment are provided as follows for reference:

Comparison of a sound level and background noise after noise reduction of elevator







The reasons for the case of elevator noise disturbing residents in Beijing Electronic City Community, the complexity and helplessness of the process, as well as the relevant regulatory laws and regulations, expert opinions, etc. we have a more comprehensive understanding from an emotional report of the environmental news: http://gongyi.sina.com.cn/greenlife/2011-06-30/101927587.html

I sincerely thank Aunt Wang, the owner, and the urban construction and development company for their trust and support, and once again I would like to express my sincere thanks to the media friends who support the project, the environmental protection experts who care about and pay attention to the project! It is you who give Mr. elevator the greatest support and encouragement.

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