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How to evaluate the control effect of elevator noise reduction? Shenzhen and Japan environmental protection professional R & D and manufacturing, only to eliminate elevator noise!
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The effect of noise reduction of elevator is the most concerned core issue of every household deeply troubled by elevator noise.

In particular, the noise standard value of domestic elevator equipment only considers the operation comfort of the equipment itself, which leads to

The noise standard value of the equipment itself lags far behind the requirements of the national environmental protection standard "noise emission standard of social living environment gb22337-2008", while the domestic environmental protection noise standard lags far behind the sense standard of people's living needs. In the domestic complaints about noise problems (especially elevator noise), the standard is ≠ not disturbing the residents. In many noise reduction cases, the noise is up to the standard, but the residents still feel the disturbance and trouble of elevator noise. (Shenzhen and Japan noise reduction consultation hotline 0755-86379063)

How to solve this problem, ensure the satisfactory effect of noise reduction treatment of residents, and realize the consistency of detection data and people's sense is the real measure of the technical strength and technical level of a noise reduction company.


Shenri company, a professional elevator noise reduction management team established by Mr. elevator, is the first company in China to promise that the noise reduction management effect needs to meet the household satisfaction. For more than ten years, we have been focusing on every elevator noise reduction treatment case, and the test data after noise treatment must meet the contract standard as required; at the same time, we will make a return visit to confirm the satisfaction of noise reduction treatment of residents.

Mr. elevator is the most popular noise reduction expert in China, and also the first industry enlightenment engaged in the research of elevator noise reduction technology. Professional and elevator Noise Reduction Practice Research for more than ten years, obtained 1 national invention patent and 6 new use patents. In the elevator noise control technology papers and technical achievements have been "China elevator magazine", "China Quality News", "China Property Management", "sina.com" and other media reports.


The Shenzhen Japan elevator noise reduction team led by Mr. elevator has set up the first elevator noise control research center in China, namely the Shenzhen Japan elevator noise control research center, which takes the manufacturing of elevator noise and vibration as a technical topic.

Shenzhen and Japan company has been based on the innovative spirit of "we always think more than others", constantly improving the quality and technical level of enterprise products. The company adheres to the quality policy of "win by quality, keep forging ahead and never-ending", the service tenet of "customer first", through constantly improving the level of the enterprise, and feedback customers' trust with higher quality technical products. (Shenzhen and Japan noise reduction consultation hotline 0755-86379063)




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