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Elevator noise has nothing to do with elevator brand or quality
Read: 1065 Author: Mr. elevator source: Elevator noise control release time:2020-01-09

Since Mr. elevator's "elevator noise" article was launched, it has attracted the attention of many friends all over the country. Many friends have consulted about elevator noise engineering through email and phone calls. Thank you!

From the elevator noise cases we have been exposed to in recent years and the situation of some friends calling for consultation recently, I found that most of our friends have made the same mistake: "think there is' elevator noise ', because the quality of the elevator itself is too poor; think that the' noise 'is generated by the elevator, the problem must be related to the elevator, and should be solved by the elevator company; what's more, think it should be more Change the elevator and so on. But as a person in the elevator industry, I would like to apply for the grievances of the major elevator manufacturers who have been deeply troubled. Because I used to be the representative of elevator manufacturers, I was scolded by developers, property companies and owners for "elevator noise". When I adjusted the parameters, I could not add or reduce the vibration pad. When I added the vibration pad, I could not add the secondary vibration reduction to the elevator host, and I could not ask the environmental protection company for professional noise reduction. The thick sound insulation cotton was added around the machine room, and the owners still scolded "noise" The noise is too loud "; at last, even the speed of the elevator itself dropped by 15%, and the noise measured in the machine room has reached 60 decibels. The owner is still not satisfied - later, he knows that the noise comes from the low frequency! Finally, we summarize the solutions to the elevator noise problem through continuous practice. But experience tells me that this is not the fault of the manufacturer. So I want to say loudly: "elevator noise - has no direct relationship with elevator quality!"

According to our years of research experience and communication with relevant architectural design units, it is confirmed that the noise of the elevator in the owner's home is mainly caused by the main bearing wall of the elevator machine room and the bearing wall of the owner's home being made into the public wall or realizing the steel connection of the wall due to the consideration of the beauty of the building itself and the saving of the public area during the design of the house. Because the noise of the elevator is mainly low-frequency vibration, which is transmitted by solid vibration, the steel connecting wall in its own design provides a transmission way for the vibration noise of the elevator. If the load-bearing wall of the machine room and the main wall of the owner's home are separated by adding staggered floors or setting stairwell separation in the design, the problem of elevator noise caused can be solved. At present, many design companies in South China are aware of the above-mentioned problems and make design modifications.

We know that as a large-scale equipment, elevator noise and vibration are inevitable because of the high-speed operation and start of the motor when it runs and stops, the pull in and extension of the brake when it stops, etc. Therefore, the state has made relevant regulations on the standards of elevator noise. "According to the latest standards of elevator noise formulated in 2003, the measurement of elevator noise in the elevator machine room should be ≤ 80 dB." From our years of working experience in elevators, we know that at present, the noise of most domestic brands of elevators can be controlled within 60-75 decibels, which can absolutely meet the requirements of national standards. From the elevator noise cases we have come into contact with, many of them are domestic first-line brands (Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Otis, etc.), and the elevators affected by noise also include the mainstream "frequency modulation and voltage regulation type elevator", "inorganic room elevator" and the "permanent magnet one-step elevator" with the smallest noise. It can be seen that the noise of the elevator is not caused by the elevator brand and its own quality, but by the fact that the noise impact of large equipment is not taken into account in the design of the building itself or the relevant noise reduction measures are adopted!

Moreover, what really affects the owner's home is not the noise a level value stipulated in our laws and regulations or in our opinion, but the low-frequency vibration when the elevator starts, runs and brakes, and these low-frequency vibrations are the most harmful to people! As the country has not yet formulated the standards for low-frequency vibration and noise, the "elevator manufacturer" has become the scapegoat of people when there is no way to rely on it; the "developer" who is used to being a big man often puts the responsibility on the elevator company under the pressure of the owners; only the "elevator manufacturer" who is under various pressures should not bear the responsibility silently (who says China's domestic market is the buyer's market.). But we think: to solve the problem of elevator noise fundamentally, only considering the isolation of noise from the architectural design is the most fundamental and scientific solution!

From another point of view, the current common phenomenon of elevator noise is also an inevitable result of the rapid development of elevator and real estate in recent years! Because elevators and real estate have a history of one hundred years in foreign countries, and China has to digest all the technology in a short period of more than ten years, so the lack of experience in design has led to "such as bad elevator sound insulation design" and other design errors! We believe that "elevator noise" is only one of the current real estate development process!

To share with all my friends is to sincerely hope that the experience I've experienced will help them avoid some detours in dealing with noise problems! For other elevator noise problems, please visit my blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1226065562

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