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Shenri elevator noise reduction, the most beautiful shenri people on the road in autumn October, to fight for the dream is a good life!
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Chapter four: golden autumn and October, striving for dreams is a good life

Editor's note

"To eliminate elevator noise and save people's quiet life!" For this ideal, all the people in Shenzhen and Japan began to run all over the country, endured the loneliness of long-term business trip, and gave up the chance to get together with their families again and again. On the way of striving for the cause of elevator noise reduction, the people in Shenzhen and Japan wrote moving stories one after another, leaving the most beautiful back.

(welcome to the WeChat public address of "elevator noise control"), which is the original column of "the most beautiful people on the road".

A group of young people from Shenzhen and Japan, a group of silencers for the city's quiet dream, and a group of redeemers for eliminating elevator noise have been running all over the country, persisting in and striving to continue the "elevator noise prevention story" of Shenzhen and Japan with their own sweat.

In October, which cities have the most beautiful Japanese been to? What is the daily life of work?

In this busy October, people from Shenzhen and Japan have traveled more than 20000 kilometers. The cities we have passed are Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Zhuhai, Xi'an, Wuxi, Chengdu, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Huizhou, Kunming, Nanchang, Dalian, Lianyungang and more than a dozen other cities. The means of transportation include cars, trains, high-speed rail, and airplanes. All kinds of tickets are piled up in a thick stack. People in Shenzhen and Japan measure the world with their feet and compose their dreams of elevator noise reduction. Many people have their own poems and distant places to pursue, while the poems and distant places of people in Shenzhen and Japan are the satisfaction and smile of customers.


Good October, from the National Day holiday, once the holiday, the brothers from all over the country rushed to all over the country. At 8:00 a.m., the brothers who are distributed in various urban projects punch in their mobile phones, and start a busy and full day!


Brothers running all over the country sent many first-line pictures and videos. Next, let Xiaobian lead you to some of the project sites to experience the work and life of people in Shenzhen and Japan!

1、 Our morning meeting


▲ the plan of a day is in the morning. It must be very beautiful to have an early morning meeting by the mountain and by the water!


▲ the whole action must be in line with me. Come to the left and draw a dragon with me. Draw a rainbow on your right. Work and walk!


▲ get up in the morning, embrace the sun, make your body full of bright sunshine, full of positive energy, and wash the duck!


The brothers stood at the top of the pyramid and held an early morning meeting. Xiaobian cast envious eyes!


图片9.png 图片10.png 

People gather firewood with high flame. Brothers, work hard to do it. A good life comes from struggle!


图片12.png 图片13.png 

"Click, click", focus on the most beautiful figure, this is not a good posture, this is the daily work of brothers.

[Chengdu station]


 Try to move forward, not afraid of the dark, because the brothers are the hot little sun, shining in their ordinary posts.

[Xi'an station]

图片15.png 图片16.png 

We are professional in the face of elevator noise. Our careful preparation is to take the greatest responsibility for customers.

[Nanjing station]


Division of labor cooperation, elevator noise reduction construction completed!

"Shhh, let me listen! Is the elevator running? How quiet! "

"The elevator noise was finally completely eliminated, and there was no need to toss and turn all night."


Our dinner party must have a concave shape before the dinner party. It looks great. It's not only delicious, but also very handsome.

▲ there is a big play of food temptation, the best capture of the year. Please close your eyes when eating, and you will drool.



Brothers who have worked hard for a day deserve to be rewarded with a big meal. You deserve to have it when you travel all over the country and eat all over the country.


Look at Xi'an, the most beautiful city in China. The footprints of the brothers of Shenzhen and Japan are all over the country. The most beautiful people of Shenzhen and Japan are on their way, taking you to enjoy the different sceneries all over the country. Are you ready?

Countless days make up the year of people in Shenzhen and Japan. To eliminate elevator noise and save people's quiet life. In this way, people in Shenzhen and Japan have been working hard to keep countless of them going from day to day. Although they are hard-working when they are busy, people in Shenzhen and Japan will still choose to strive for life, because only in this way can the value of life be realized.

To the people of Shenzhen and Japan who are striving all the way: the harder you work, the luckier you are. The more diligent you are, the better you are. Thank you for your body and soul. The world is beautiful because of you!


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