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Why is it so difficult to control elevator noise?
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With the rapid development of real estate in China, "elevator" has become an indispensable means of vertical transportation in people's life. In a short period of more than ten years, China's internal elevator industry has experienced the transformation of AC double speed, AC speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation, frequency modulation and voltage regulation (3vf), inorganic room and permanent magnet synchronous technology. The road that foreign countries have gone through for more than one hundred years, we have only completed the transformation of technology update in more than thirty years. It is precisely the contradiction caused by the lack of real estate architectural design experience under this rapid development that makes the elevator noise problem very common in the current real estate. With the increasing awareness of the rule of law and health of Chinese people, there are more and more complaints and lawsuits about "elevator noise", and "elevator manufacturers" have become "scapegoats" under the pressure of owners' complaints and "developers". However, with the rapid development of science, why does a small "elevator noise" issue become a domestic technical problem?

Most of the elevator noise is caused by the solid sound transmission of the building structure, but the discovery of "elevator noise" is only found after the elevator of the building is put into use for a period of time (because only when the occupancy rate of the building is higher and the frequency of the elevator is higher and higher, the harm and impact of the elevator noise will be more obvious), but often at this time, the building structure of the building It can't be changed! Therefore, the management of elevator noise has become a kind of remedial measure after the event (the current developers tend to ignore the existence of elevator noise in the case of pursuing to achieve the maximum internal area, even if it was considered at that time, the problem would be simplified due to lack of experience). Because the elevator noise is low-frequency noise pollution, it is different from the general noise control (the general noise is air as the sound transmission medium, and the elevator noise is mainly low if vibration, its main transmission way is vibration solid sound transmission). Therefore, the conventional methods of sound insulation board, sound absorption cotton or sound insulation wall can only reduce the noise with air as the sound transmission medium, but have little effect on the low-frequency noise transmission of elevator.) In the case that the building structure has not been changed, "noise source" management has become the only solution.

Elevator is a special equipment designated by the state. Because of its low-frequency noise transmission characteristics, it can not be treated by the commonly used noise reduction and absorption or sound insulation methods. The greater reason is that "elevator noise control" spans two industries, and whether the noise reduction will affect the safe operation of the elevator (elevator is a special equipment, which is related to personal safety) should be considered after the elevator noise reduction ). As the saying goes, "every walk is like a mountain". Because the elevator is a special equipment related to personal safety, the construction needs to have the corresponding operation qualification, and involves the National Elevator acceptance standard, so the domestic professional noise control companies are often unable to control the elevator noise because they do not understand the elevator structure and relevant parameter standards or do not have the corresponding construction qualification; they know that they have the resources However, the elevator company, which knows the elevator parameters and structure, can't completely control the elevator noise because it doesn't have the professional knowledge and technology of "noise control". Many troubled owners, property companies, real estate companies and elevator companies are helpless when they can't find a governance method, because the building structure can't be changed after the house is built. Therefore, elevator noise has become a domestic technical problem across the edge of "elevator" and "environmental protection" industries.

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