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Elevator noise can't bear to reach the ear bone for a long time. Neurasthenia
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Recently, experts in noise research in Beijing have suggested that elevators in residential areas will generate serious low-frequency noise due to unreasonable factors in design, installation and use, which may damage the visceral health of residents for a long time.

According to the relevant national standards, when the daytime sound exceeds 80 dB and the nighttime sound exceeds 35 dB, it will have obvious adverse effects on human body. While the noise and vibration control engineer of Beijing Institute of labor protection science, crop Jie, conducted field inspection in some residential areas in Wangjing, found that the elevator in most residential buildings is only one wall away from the bedroom of the residents, and the noise generated at night is as high as 42 decibels, which seriously interferes with the rest of the residents. Some people also have adverse reactions such as headache, panic, brain swelling, etc.

Low frequency noise refers to the sound with frequency below 500 Hz. Because the noise produced by the elevator is generally medium and low frequency, and the human ear is not very sensitive to low frequency noise, so it is easy to ignore its harm.

Dou Yansheng, director of the environmental impact assessment office of China Center for Disease Control and prevention, pointed out that although the physiological impact of low-frequency noise is not as obvious as that of high-frequency noise, it can reach the ear bones of people directly, making people's sympathetic nerves tense, causing tachycardia, high blood pressure and endocrine disorders. Meng Qingshu, an otolaryngologist at Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, said that low-frequency noise is a chronic injury to the human body, which is easy to make people fidgety, irritable, and even irrational. If it is attacked for a long time, it may also cause neurasthenia, insomnia and other neurosis, and even affect the development of the fetus in the womb of pregnant women.

For the noise pollution of elevators, many residents are helplessly holding the attitude of "tolerance". Experts remind that when buying a house, it's better not to choose a room separated from the elevator; if you have already moved in, try not to use it as a bedroom; for people sensitive to noise, you should properly adjust your mood and do other things to distract your attention. In addition, the low-frequency noise generated by the elevator is mainly structural sound transmission. If the property developer does not install sound insulation and shock absorption measures, the residents can install about 50 mm thick sound insulation wall in the room by themselves.

It is understood that there is no department in China to accept elevator noise complaints. Residents can apply to the Environmental Institute of China CDC for "pollution" assessment and appraisal. After getting the report, we can discuss with real estate developers or property companies.

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