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Owners banner protest elevator noise developers say they don't know
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The banner "protest against elevator noise" drew people to a halt.



  Twenty or thirty protest banners were hung in three buildings.


"Protest against elevator noise" - until yesterday, dozens of owners' windows of building 10, Beiyuanjiayuan Park, Chaoyang District, still hung unified banners. Many owners say their bedrooms are only one wall away from the elevator shaft. Three owners came to the testing agency, and the results showed that the noise of the bedrooms at night in the three houses exceeded the national standard.

Owner complaints

The bedroom elevator is only one wall away, hard to get in the middle of the night

Yesterday, reporters in Beiyuanjiayuan Park, No. 10 building, 2008, saw that in a row of floor to floor windows, every floor was neatly hung with a banner of "protest against elevator noise", a total of more than ten. From time to time passers-by looked up. On the side of Building 9 and building 8, there are some of the same banners hanging in the floor windows. There are twenty or thirty pictures in the three buildings. Mr. Hu, a banner owner of building 10, has been living in the community since the beginning of last year. He said he has been plagued by elevator noise since he moved in. There are three elevators in each building. His bedroom and corridor are close to two elevator wells. "The buzzing starts from 4:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the middle of the night."

Ms. Wang, the owner, also said that since she moved in in April last year, she began to have dizziness, difficulty sleeping and other situations that had never occurred before. In the medical record, there is even the words "tremble all over the body and palpitation for 10 minutes after being frightened by noise during sleeping". Ms. Wang guessed that dizziness is also related to elevator noise.

Prepare to sue for elevator noise detection exceeding the standard

At 8 o'clock last night, the reporter heard in Mr. Hu's bedroom, which is only one wall away from the elevator shaft. The hum of the elevator can be clearly heard, and even the distance between the up and down of the elevator can be clearly distinguished. Mr. Hu said: "close to the elevator shaft are 03 and 04 apartment types. There are 150 such apartment types in three buildings. In October 2008, three owners of Building 9 and building 10 entrusted Tsinghua University building environmental testing center to carry out noise testing. The test report shows that from 22:00 to 23:00, when one or three elevators are operating at the same time, the noise in the bedrooms of the three owners varies from 31.3 DB to 36.5 dB, all of which do not meet the national standard of 30 dB for class 1 sound environment functional area at night. Therefore, their three owners have sued the developers to the Chaoyang District Court.

Mr. Wang, from the center for building environment inspection of Tsinghua University, told reporters that the elevator is noisy. First, the structure of the shaft is not good, which causes friction between the car and the guide rail. Second, the design of the house type is not good, and the bedroom wall is close to the elevator shaft, which is relatively rare. Now the solution is to reduce the vibration of the shaft. A shaft costs about 70000 yuan to reduce the noise below the national standard. Some time ago, the developer and the testing center talked about how to deal with the shock absorption, but they have not yet reached a conclusion.

Developer response

I don't know the elevator noise. I can't answer it

Responsible for Park 2008 community management Chengcheng property company staff told reporters that property and developers can only negotiate this matter, specific issues should find developers. At present, the property company will close two elevators between 11 o'clock at night and 6 o'clock in the morning, leaving only one for use.

The Sales Department of Beijing urban construction Xinghua real estate company, the developer, said it was not clear about the situation and should find Beiyuan project department. The staff of Beiyuan project department also said they were not clear. They should consult the property company and hang up later. Mr. Hu, the owner, told reporters that they had been in contact with Mr. Zhang of the developer's engineering department. When the reporter called Mr. Zhang, he said that he was not clear and could not answer the questions. The reporter called the elevator manufacturer Schindler Beijing Branch, and the staff said that the elevator noise is a problem of later maintenance, which should be reported to the property management department. If it is necessary to find the manufacturer to replace parts, the company that purchases or uses the elevator should come forward.

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