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Suffering from elevator noise for 13 years, I never wanted to give up!
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This is the fourth part of "I speak for Shenzhen and Japan" series. I speak for Shenzhen and Japan is a story told by Shenzhen and Japan's cooperative customers. You are welcome to come to Shenzhen and Japan.

Ms. Shen, who lives in Hongkou, Shanghai, has been plagued by elevator noise since she moved into the current community in 2003. As the problem has not been solved, Ms. Shen often can only turn on the TV or play music all night to offset the interference of elevator noise when she can't sleep under the influence of noise. Even for some time, Ms. Shen's family moved to live outside. After 10 years of fruitless complaints about elevator noise, Ms. Shen turned to judicial help. After three years of hard work, the court finally decided Ms. Shen won the lawsuit, and the court appointed Shenzhen Japan company to provide solutions. In Ms. Shen's original words, her story can be written into a book, and the relevant experience has been written on her blog.


Ms. Shen's elevator noise reduction project was completed in November 2015 and has been used for more than three years. When talking about the Shenzhen Japan elevator noise reduction technology and Mr. elevator again, Ms. Shen is still very excited and praises the Shenzhen Japan noise reduction technology and effect. "There are also many owners who are suffering from elevator noise, and Shenzhen and Japan's noise reduction technology rescue," she said

It's a matter of merit to persist in the hard work. " As the beneficiary of noise reduction technology in Shenzhen and Japan, Ms. Shen is willing to share her experience of noise reduction. Here is the elevator noise reduction experience described by Ms. Shen.

Ignorance of elevator noise has made my complaint fruitless for 10 years

"Sooner or later, in order to survive, humans will have to fight against noise, just as they do against cholera and plague." As Robert Koch, the Nobel Prize winner in physiology, said, my fight against elevator noise is like fighting cholera and plague. If I don't defeat it, it will defeat me.

At the end of 2003, when the new house was delivered, my family and I moved into the new house happily. However, on the first day of check-in, we found that there was elevator noise interference. At that time, it was winter, and the sound of "boom" elevator running was very clear. When someone starts the elevator, the low-frequency vibration of the elevator will be transmitted to the interior along the wall. It's a kind of mosquito like "buzzing" flying but more uncomfortable than it. It's everywhere. You may be able to bear it when you are standing, but when you are lying in bed, the continuous "buzz" will break you down, and I began to lose sleep all night. Less than two months after our stay, we complained to the property company and the elevator company about the noise. Later, the property company also took some measures to paste sound-absorbing cotton on the wall of the elevator machine room, but the effect was very small.


We can't sleep because of the elevator noise every day. We have to turn on the TV all night, and the volume must be above 70. Otherwise, in the dead of night, the more obvious elevator noise is enough to drive people crazy. The TV on can counteract most of the elevator noise, but the body will still feel the vibration when lying on the bed. Later, I couldn't stand it. My family moved out for a long time. However, the feeling of being unable to return home is really unpleasant.

For nearly 10 years, I have been complaining, hoping that the problem can be alleviated. Especially in the worst winter (when the air conditioner is on in summer, it will be better), we chase the property every week to find a way. But as owners, most of the time we can only find property and elevator maintenance, because developers are more difficult to find. Early property companies and elevator companies are also very enthusiastic, in order to solve the elevator noise has done a lot of adjustments (adjust elevator parameters and add sound insulation cotton in the machine room). However, when they complained later, they began to dislike me and said: "the elevator is qualified, and the elevator noise itself is qualified. The state has inspection and acceptance, how can you say loud is loud? So many people don't complain. How can you complain about your family? "

It is often ignorance that limits people's ability to find solutions to problems. The same is true of elevator noise, because we know nothing about elevator noise, which has resulted in nearly 10 years of hard work.

Unwilling to file a lawsuit for elevator noise and open the way of elevator knowledge learning

I searched for "elevator noise" when I couldn't sleep because of the elevator noise. A lot of words about elevator noise appeared. When I entered the "elevator noise complaint", I found that so many people across the country have experienced my current tragedy. Fortunately, some of the injured owners won the lawsuit with their strong willpower, physical strength and persistence, thus breaking away from the bitter sea. But I don't want to solve the problem through lawsuits. Our goal is to make everyone safe and our conflicts are not irreconcilable.

In 2010, because the property management couldn't continue to communicate, I summoned up the courage to call the developers to complain. The developer sent two people to come here. They took a quick walk around the room, and then stood at the place with the highest noise in my house and said, "I can't hear the noise. Where is the noise? If you say there's something wrong with the quality of the house, show me the proof. " And I, surprised, couldn't even say a word.


In order to avoid the above embarrassing situation again and solve the problem faster, I began to understand the elevator noise in depth. I bought several thick books, such as elevator structure principle, installation and maintenance, elevator principle, installation and maintenance, noise and vibration principle, etc. We should not only understand the elevator principle, but also learn the relevant laws and regulations, so I also studied the laws and regulations such as code for design of residential buildings and code for design of sound insulation for civil use. After analysis, I think the elevator noise in our home is mainly caused by the load-bearing wall of the elevator steel beam frame and the public wall in our home. The house is built by the developer. This responsibility should belong to the developer. I finally have a direction.

Professional detection of elevator noise, indoor noise far exceeds the national standard

In April 2012, I once again reported to the developers that the impact of elevator noise is serious. I hope they will come to my home to listen to the elevator noise and propose solutions. The developer refused on the grounds that two people had come to my house in 2010 to hear the noise and made a noise free appraisal report. They still refused to come under my repeated requests. They said that the house is qualified. They suggested that I go to an organization to check the noise. Only when the test results come out can we discuss solutions.

At this time, I finally realized that I need to find a professional testing agency to measure the elevator noise. Only when the test report proves that the noise in my home exceeds the standard, they may agree to take corrective measures. Inspired by the fact that Beijing owners are looking for the Institute of acoustics of Tsinghua University to detect elevator noise, I contacted the Institute of acoustics of Tongji University, which said that it only accepted the entrustment of the unit. After listening to their suggestions, I finally found a company with noise detection qualification and personal entrustment on the website of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision. I asked the company to do a noise test and got the test report.


Refer to gb22337-2008 emission standard of social living environment noise, the limit value of 35 dB noise in living room and 30 dB noise in bedroom at night. The highest value of our living room is 54.4 decibels, exceeding the standard of 19.4 decibels; the highest value of our bedroom is 46.4 decibels, exceeding the standard of 16.4 decibels. The actual data prove that the elevator noise in my home far exceeds

Relevant standards. We were shocked by the test data, and the pain and heartache we had suffered in the past 10 years came to our hearts. I can't stand it any longer.

No response to elevator noise complaints, I was forced to take the road of safeguarding rights

After the test results came out, I immediately called to inform the developer project department that I had been contacting before of the test data. After connecting the phone, they transferred my report and appeal directly to the legal department of the company. In order to solve the problem, I like Xianglin sister-in-law to repeat my suffering process, but the person in charge said that the house had been occupied for many years, their warranty period had passed, and it was impossible to determine which aspect of the problem, let me go to the property and elevator maintenance company to solve it.

Since 2003, almost every week, the elevator maintenance will be called by me to check the elevator. The engineers have come for countless times. Moreover, the elevator has just been overhauled, and there is no problem at all. Because of the ignorance of elevator noise, we have suffered indoor noise pollution for 10 years. The root cause is the design problem of the development company. But I didn't expect that now it has become the reason for them to shirk!

When I called again, the developer's legal department suggested that I go through judicial procedures and directly pushed me to the court. Well, now I can finally make up my mind: let justice give me justice!


In June 2012, I submitted a lawsuit to the district court and waited for the result at home. At that time, the beautiful clouds in the sky became a hot topic for discussion. If there is no elevator noise, stay at home and look at the sky outside the window, and feel like living in heaven. Unfortunately, it's not heaven, but a place that will be disturbed by elevator noise in the middle of the night.


After delivering the lawsuit to the district court, we happened to see the documentary report of "China under the rule of law" No. 290 - "the harm of noise" by Shanghai TV station at home.

(https://tv.sohu.com/v/dxmvnjmyot1otavmzexntg3mdiuc2h0bww =. HTML) a little girl in Changchun is suffering from mental illness due to the noise from a boiler. After watching this video report, I think of us who are living outside every moment in 365 days of the year because of the noise from an elevator. It's unreasonable to live in a home! All of a sudden, I felt that our family was so amazing that I never gave up.

10 years, looking back on the life of several 10 years, I think the judicial process started too late.

Who should I look for in elevator noise? Who is responsible for elevator noise?

I have called the court many times to inquire about the progress of the lawsuit. The courage and strength of calling me each time is to turn off the TV at home, listen to the elevator noise, hear the elevator noise, and immediately pick up the phone.

In September 2012, the court finally filed a case. For the first time, we sat down face to face with the developer to talk about elevator noise. Developers think that they are investors. If the elevator noise exceeds the standard, it should be the responsibility of the elevator company. If it exists in the later period, the elevator is jointly owned by the owners, and it should be solved by the property company. As the house developers, they have fulfilled the warranty responsibility according to the corresponding requirements of the state, so they cannot have the responsibility. However, elevator companies believe that they provide first-class elevator products, and the noise detection data of elevator machine room, hoistway and car are far lower than the national standards, and they have no responsibility. Property companies believe that they are only management service providers, the original design of the house is like this, the elevator is like this, this is not the responsibility of the property.


Who is really responsible for elevator noise? Property companies, developers, elevator companies and we held four party talks. The developer understands that we have been complaining about elevator noise before, but thinks that the elevator company should take the main responsibility, and should add the elevator company as the defendant. But the elevator company thinks that the elevator noise has nothing to do with the elevator itself. After my analysis, I also think that the elevator noise has little to do with the elevator manufacturer. I don't agree to add the elevator company as the defendant, but agree to the elevator company as a third party to participate in the case.

This is the case. I believe it will be solved soon. In 2013, I made a wish: I can sleep quietly at home, and I will not be awakened by the elevator noise in my sleep.

Experts identified that the cause and effect of elevator noise was clear, and the court ruled that the elevator must be noise reduced

In August 2013, we and the developer entered the trial stage. The developer believes that the house was built in 2003, without any quality problems, and the average noise value conforms to the regulations at that time GB12348-90 standard for noise at boundary of industrial enterprises; for code for sound insulation design of civil buildings (gbj118-88) and code for design of residential buildings (gbj96-86), this is a national recommended code, not a mandatory code; for noise of social living environment Noise emission standard gb22337-2008, which is only applicable to noise emission of entertainment places, and the effective date is 2008, which is far longer than the completion time of the house in 2003.

In my opinion, GB12348-90, the standard for noise at boundary of industrial enterprises, has only outdoor standard, but no indoor standard. Gbj118-88, the code for sound insulation design of civil buildings, mentions that the indoor standard is the outdoor standard minus 10 decibels. It is improper for developers to measure the highest value of noise standard with the average value of noise. The developers think that the state

Generally speaking, the bedroom standard can only be higher than the noise emission standard of entertainment places, rather than putting the cart before the horse.


In fact, since the first delivery of the lawsuit, I have provided the court with many cases of elevator noise judgment all over the country as a reference. In all cases, none of the noise is more than my home.

Finally, the judge proposed that the court should find a qualified department to identify the causes and effects of elevator noise. In order to solve the problem earlier, I agree to prepay the appraisal fee. Soon, experts from Shanghai Academy of Building Sciences arrived at my home to test the noise, check the noise source, analyze the architectural design problems or other reasons, and submit the appraisal results to the court.

In December 2013, the judgment of the court came out. The impact of elevator noise and the causal relationship were clear. It was determined that the developer must reduce the noise of the elevator, and be responsible for the identification cost in the early stage and the noise reduction cost in the later stage. This experience was also described in my microblog: https://weibo.com/u/1578066221? Refer_flag = 1005055013_ & is_all = 1

The dream of elevator noise reduction comes true

After a long wait, I finally got the desired result. I am very pleased with the just judgment of the court. However, development companies do not think so. Three months later, the 90 day enforcement period of the court's judgment has arrived, and the elevator still hasn't been rectified. So I went to the court to apply for enforcement.

The court suggested that the appraisal agency recommend the noise reduction company, or the developer and I should look for a professional and qualified noise reduction company. However, several companies recommended by the court are only capable of testing and noise reduction, while the developers have not found a company that can reduce the noise of elevators.

In order to help solve the problem, I found the "Shenzhen Japan elevator noise control research center" on the Internet. The research of Shenzhen and Japan in the field of elevator noise reduction has been more than 10 years. Noise reduction technology products have been applied in most cities in the country, and have professional elevator noise reduction qualifications, which fully meet the requirements of the court. After many times of communication and understanding, I recommended the company to the court. After communicating with the court, the court finally agreed with my suggestion and appointed Shenzhen and Japan company to implement noise reduction treatment for our elevator.

Finally, we can see the moon. From June 2012 to the beginning of the judicial process, it has passed the three spring festival of 2013, 2014 and 2015. I didn't expect this lawsuit to last for 3 years, but fortunately, I never gave up.

Mr. elevator, the noise reduction effect of elevator is unexpected

Under the supervision and cooperation of the court, the contract for noise reduction of elevator was signed soon. And shenri company soon transported the noise control equipment to the site and completed the construction. I've always been worried that the construction of elevator noise reduction will affect the operation of the elevator, but I didn't expect that Shenzhen and Japan are very professional. They have a smooth connection with the property management company and the elevator company. The whole project will be completed in about 5 days. The noise reduction effect was very good. On the night of the test, my family thought that the elevator was not running. They went to see if the elevator was running many times. After repeated confirmation, the annoying "buzz" is really gone. At this moment, I feel a sense of separation from the fighting state, and I feel happy both physically and mentally.


I sincerely thank Shenzhen and Japan for helping us to end the nightmare of elevator noise, and I'm glad to have made a wise choice. Elevator noise is a marginal science, the professional and mature products are really important. If I was not firm at that time and listened to other people's suggestions to find a company that would only detect whether it would reduce noise, I might be tortured by elevator noise for a longer time.

After the elevator noise control, the downstairs security guard once told me: "the residents on the 20th floor tell me, let me thank you, you really did a good thing, they can't hear the elevator noise at home, and finally they can sleep safely." I was really surprised to hear that. When I went to complain and negotiate alone, how much I needed their help, but no one came forward at that time. The property management said that only I was complaining, and only I was taking it seriously, so the elevator noise was finally solved.

No longer escape to be an ostrich, only strive for health

Since 2012, I have been recording the process of fighting against elevator noise on Sina blog with the account of "Ruihong new City Elevator noise complaint". Many things are still fresh in my memory today. I can imagine the impact of elevator noise on me. When I started to complain about elevator noise, my age was still at the beginning of "3". When the elevator noise reduction was completed, it had already started with "5". In the blink of an eye, more than 10 years have passed.

Mr. elevator once told me that different people have different tolerance for elevator noise. I didn't understand it before, but I went back to each community to have a look. I found that there were elevators in some communities and buildings

It's louder than my house, it's very noisy, but they can bear it very much, and no one seems to complain. I've talked to them. Many people said they were annoyed when they heard the elevator noise, but they couldn't find any way after the complaint, so that's the only way. But I think, maybe you want to be an ostrich, but the elevator noise doesn't exist unless you run away from it. It still exists in your life all the time. It still has a bad impact on you and your family.


Some people say that happiness depends on oneself. As for the problem of elevator noise, I also want to say: our efforts can be changed; only by persisting in efforts, can we return to our happy and quiet life!

It has been more than 3 years since the completion of elevator noise reduction. There is no elevator noise in the house. I sleep well at night. There are many owners in Shanghai who have encountered elevator noise problems, many of them have called me, but many of them have stopped because of various reasons. There are only a few people like me who can solve the elevator noise completely. As the beneficiary of Shenzhen and Japan's noise reduction technology, I hope more people who are also trapped can benefit, so I am willing to speak for Shenzhen and Japan's elevator noise reduction technology:

Elevator noise reduction, find Mr. elevator; elevator noise reduction prevention and control, select deep noise reduction management team!


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