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Face the choice of elevator noise - or bear it! Either line!
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Litigation is not the best way to solve the elevator noise. It may be better to solve it through communication and consultation.

This is the sixth part of "I speak for Shenzhen and Japan" series. I speak for Shenzhen and Japan is a story told by Shenzhen and Japan cooperative customers. Shenzhen and Japan welcome new and old customers to call and contribute to tell your story and experience.

At the beginning of 2013, Ms. Zhao and Mr. Cao, who lived in Beijing, bought a second-hand house in Haidian District at a higher price, and it was a top-level house not facing the street, in order to pursue a quieter living environment. Ms. Zhao said: "Beijing is a city with a high traffic density. The traffic noise is always accompanied by the noise of the city until midnight. Therefore, the quiet environment of the community is an important reason for our choice. In order to live quietly, we specially selected houses not facing the street, and we chose the top-level apartment. So, although the price of the house is much more expensive, we finally accepted it. "

Choose from thousands of choices - choose quiet residential areas, buildings not facing the street (to reduce traffic interference), top floor rooms (not to be disturbed by the living noise upstairs again). However, what never arrived was that Ms. Zhao encountered elevator noise, and the elevator machine room was separated from them by a wall.

In order to pursue a quiet and healthy life, Ms. Zhao started to fight against elevator noise. Fortunately, through her efforts of nearly half a year, she successfully solved the elevator noise. In her argument, she not only persuaded the development company to agree to take noise reduction measures, but also convinced the relevant departments of the real estate company to give up the low price non professional elevator noise reduction scheme, and finally chose the Shenzhen and Japan elevator machine room noise reduction and vibration reduction system, which made the elevator noise at home get a good solution.

When Xiaobian called back Ms. Zhao again, she was very happy to share this experience: "elevator noise is a marginal science in China. Many people, including developers, have misunderstandings about it. As residents, we have only two choices in the face of elevator noise: bear it! Either line! That is to say, either try to adapt to bear it as a part of life; if you can't bear it, then you have to act, learn to communicate and find a negotiated solution. It has been more than 4 years since the completion of noise reduction treatment of elevator, and the effect is still very good at present. So, I'm very glad that we chose a reliable company in Shenzhen and Japan. " The following is the elevator noise reduction experience described by Ms. Zhao:


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