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Elevator noise reduction must be seen: a way to prevent and solve elevator noise of "little white elevator noise"
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"I speak for Shenzhen and Japan" is the ninth part of the series, "I speak for Shenzhen and Japan" is a story told by Shenzhen and Japan cooperative customers. Shenzhen and Japan welcome new and old customers to call and contribute to tell your story and experience. Your sincere sharing will be conducive to promoting the development of elevator noise reduction technology, benefiting more residents suffering from elevator noise, and finding a solution to the problem.


"For the owners whose elevator noise is finally solved, happiness is always similar; however, for the residents who are still bothered by elevator noise, the situation and suffering of each family are different!" In the face of the interview by the small reporters from Shenzhen and Japan, Mr. Zhao talked freely——

"The impact and interference of elevator noise on our family's life is really great. I have only two choices - to change rooms or to solve it! In fact, I'm just a "little white elevator noise". Because I'm engaged in international trade, I'm very busy with my work, and I need to travel a lot, so I have limited energy to share with elevator noise reduction. So for me

"The effect of noise reduction treatment of Shenzhen and Japan elevator is really good. I can't believe it. I asked the development company to let me observe for more than a week, and then I signed for acceptance. However, the overall noise reduction treatment effect did exceed my expectation. I think I am still very successful in persuading the development company to give Shenzhen and Japan the task of noise reduction and prevention of elevators. " The following is the elevator noise prevention and control story from Mr. Zhao of Tianjin.

Communication record between Mr. Zhao and Mr. elevator:












The elevator in the new house is too noisy to move in for fear of affecting health

In February 2017, the new house of our family was finally to be closed, and the family were very happy, because it was an existing house, which didn't need decoration, only needed to be equipped with a set of furniture to move in. In order to determine the size of the furniture, we took advantage of the weekend to measure the relevant size data of the new house. One time when we measured the data in the bedroom, I heard a "whine" sound, just like the sound of the train passing through the cave. I think it's strange that this unit is all the existing houses, and it doesn't need to be decorated at all. How could there be such a noisy sound? I ran out to check up and down, and finally found the source of the disturbing noise - the elevator next to my house. As soon as the elevator is started, you can hear "Kuang Dang", and then "Kuang Dang" continuously, and "Kuang Dang" again when it is about to stop. As long as the elevator is in use, the "Wuwu" sound will always be there.


Why is the elevator so loud? Even my house can hear it clearly! I was very strange. I ran downstairs and asked the neighbors of the same apartment type. Downstairs, the neighbors said that their home also had a voice, which was very loud. I ran to our next room and listened. The voice was the same. How can we live and work in peace and contentment under such a loud noise! My wife said, "it's so annoying. I can't stand hearing it for a while." This is our new house. We will live here for a long time. It may even be a home for a lifetime. If the noise is not solved, how dare we move in?

The development company confirmed the existence of elevator noise and the installation of sound absorption measures without any effect

We are in a hurry to complain about the elevator noise to the property. Because the community is a new property, the property is not very familiar, the development company's person in charge called over. Our community is developed by local state-owned enterprises, but the after-sales engineers pay more attention to it. They sent people to check our unit inside and outside, confirmed the fact that the elevator sound has an impact on the owner, and then went back to reflect the situation. After some discussion and approval, the final measure of the development company is to make wall sound insulation measures in the machine room. Seeing the action of the development company, I was still quite satisfied, so I went home and waited for the news, waiting for the elevator noise control to be completed before moving.


About a month later, the property called to tell me that the sound insulation cotton in the elevator machine room was installed. Let's hurry back to confirm the noise reduction effect of the elevator. We can't wait to run to the new house in the community to check. However, to our surprise, their so-called noise reduction measures didn't work! In my house, I can still hear very loud elevator noise. What's more, the sound-absorbing cotton they made in the machine room is just a virtual device, which doesn't work at all! The property also called me all the way and asked, "what's the effect now? Can you still hear the elevator noise? " Only then did I realize the seriousness of the problem, so I began to work hard to find a solution.

Face the choice of elevator noise - either change rooms or solve it!

Mingming is to do a professional elevator machine room wall sound absorption measures, why not work at all? I searched for a lot of information on the Internet, only to find that the elevator noise belongs to low-frequency vibration noise, which requires professional noise reduction measures, and the sound-absorbing cotton does not play any role at all. I saw the professional elevator noise reduction Company Shenzhen Japan elevator Noise Control Research Center (http://www.sun3-enac.com/) on the Internet, and also saw many successful elevator noise reduction cases on the official website of Shenzhen Japan company. After reading it, I immediately called Shenzhen and Japan company. After communication and understanding, I learned that our elevator noise can be solved! I am very, very excited, as long as there is a solution.


In the face of elevator noise, I have only two choices: change rooms or solve it! I think it's easier to find developers to solve the noise than to change houses. So I once again found the developer's person in charge to discuss, and told them all I knew about "elevator noise", "low frequency noise", "elevator noise reduction prevention plan", recommended Shenzhen and Japan's professional elevator noise reduction company to them, and asked them to hire a professional elevator noise reduction company to manage as soon as possible, and return our quiet home. However, after the development company came to the elevator company for inspection, it said that the elevator was new, no problem at all, and the noise was qualified. Their reason is simple: "the elevator is qualified, the house is qualified, we have no responsibility."


Neighbors don't want to come out and complain. I complain alone and nothing happens

I'm not the only one affected by the elevator noise. Because I also went to the neighbor next door, and I hope that you can promote the development company to solve the elevator noise together. However, the neighbor itself is the employee of the development company and cannot appear. I have negotiated with the development company many times, but because I don't know the elevator noise professionally, and the whole community is complaining about the elevator noise from our family, the result is nothing. At that time, I was just "electricity"

Ladder noise is small white ", not professional in architectural design, noise related standards, etc., so they always give me a reason at will. My strength alone is too weak.


But I am unwilling to continue to look for solutions to elevator noise on the Internet. By chance, I saw an inspirational story of "learning from sister cotton", an elevator noise trapped owner from Beijing, on the Internet. "Learn from sister cotton" won the elevator noise reduction lawsuit through safeguarding rights, but encountered many obstacles in the later implementation process. In order to solve the elevator noise smoothly and provide a quiet home for the baby in her belly, she went on and on to solve the elevator noise with a big belly. At last, Shenzhen and Japan company carried out the elevator noise control, which completely solved the elevator noise problem. About this elevator noise reduction experience, "learn from sister cotton" wrote the whole process on her blog


After reading her blog, my heart can't be calm for a long time. Should I go on the road of complaining and safeguarding rights like her?

Believe in professional power -- I chose Qing lawyer of the first case of elevator noise control in China

Just do what you say, find a lawyer and file a case. But how and what kind of lawyer? I suddenly think of the "first case of elevator noise control in China" I saw on the Internet before. This case is in the charge of attorney Qing. After many trials, the court finally decided that the owner won the case. Finally, the Shenzhen Japan elevator noise control company carried out the noise control, which completely solved the elevator noise problem. Finally, I found lawyer Qing's blog (http://blog.sina.com.cn/pelawyer) from the Internet and contacted him. In this way, I chose to believe in the profession and asked attorney Qing to represent our family's elevator noise infringement lawsuit.


Since I found Qing's lawyer to act for me, everything has been in order, and things have become much easier and smoother. With the help of lawyer Qing, I prepared the materials and filed a lawsuit in the court. Soon the court filed a case.

The noise monitoring of the indoor elevator exceeds the standard -- the court mediates and the development company agrees to reduce the noise

The facts and reasons of the lawsuit against the elevator noise victims in my family are clear, and lawyer Shiqing has also provided many similar judgment cases for the court's reference. The core of the final focus is whether the indoor elevator noise detection exceeds the standard. I recommended a qualified noise detection agency and passed the recognition of the court. However, the first test was not successful because it was not negotiated with the property in advance and was rejected when it was to be tested. The second time, we cleared all the obstacles and finally the test was successful.


The results show that the indoor noise exceeds the standard, especially the low frequency part of 125Hz and 250Hz. In the case of mediation proposed by the court, we finally reached an agreement with the development company: the development company will select the Shenzhen Japan company recommended by us to control the elevator noise, so as to make the noise meet the requirements of the current indoor noise standard. We are quite satisfied with this. From the discovery of elevator noise to the consent of the development company to reduce the noise of the elevator, I spent nearly a year before and after, which also led to the inability of new houses to move in soon. When the dust finally settled, I was still very happy. I finally attacked the mountain.

Shenzhen and Japan's elevator noise reduction is well-known, and the noise reduction effect exceeds my expectation

Looking back on this year's road of noise reduction for elevators, it's really full of difficulties, especially my own work is very busy. But when I want to start the elevator noise reduction treatment, I hesitate and worry about the effect of the elevator noise reduction treatment, although I know that the developer has selected the best domestic Shenzhen Japan elevator noise reduction management company according to my requirements. But before that, when I looked up the information on the Internet, I saw that many people experienced the pain brought by the elevator noise. Although they had been treated for many times, they were unable to solve it, so they could only endure it continuously. I also pacify myself. Shenzhen and Japan are the most professional companies. The elevator noise is always a little smaller. As long as it is a little smaller, let's basically not be affected when we have a rest. Now that it's done, I'll have to let it go.


In February 2019, the elevator noise reduction was finally completed. In order to test the effect in time, I even delayed my business trip for one day. However, the noise reduction effect is really very good, no matter whether the elevator is running or not, the bedroom is relatively quiet, and basically I don't feel the elevator running noise. Although there was a business trip at that time, it was in a hurry, and the indoor noise after noise reduction was not detected in time, the annoying "buzzing" sound when the elevator was running was true

No more. This effect really exceeded my expectation, and my family was very satisfied. After a week's observation, the developer asked me to test the noise value, but I think it's not important to check or not. Compared with those figures, I think it's more important to personal physical feeling. If it's just the noise standard, but people's feeling is still uncomfortable, then what's the significance of my efforts for elevator noise reduction?

If you are only a "elevator noise white" -- please ask the expert for help

In the process of communicating with lawyer Qing, he once told me such an objective fact: "at present, there are many people who are deeply troubled by elevator noise in China, but only a very small number of people can solve it smoothly; elevator noise is a marginal science, and few people can understand elevator noise from the aspects of design, laws and regulations, technology, etc.; many people are in many times of communication After that, we can only choose to suffer in silence. "

Looking back on this journey, I would like to say that actually I didn't understand the elevator noise, and I didn't even understand how to count the elevator noise exceeding the standard after the elevator noise detection data came out, so I was actually just a "little white elevator noise". However, because of my decision, because I chose a professional person and company, I solved the elevator noise completely. To be honest, I'm engaged in international trade. I'm very busy with my work. I often travel on business. I have limited energy to reduce the noise of the elevator. If I have to share, how can I succeed in noise reduction. I think the business habits over the years have taught me to entrust the most professional person with the choice of a major, which should be considered as an important objective factor!


In the last year's elevator noise rights maintenance process, I have joined many elevator noise groups, so I have a certain understanding of elevator noise. I know that in fact, every family suffering from elevator noise is faced with different difficulties. Some of them are trapped in standards and costs, some are trapped in the attitude of developers, some are trapped in elevator manufacturers, some are trapped in property companies and so on. But as a former "little white elevator noise", according to my experience, my advice is: to seek guidance and help from competent experts will help you to avoid many detours.

For your healthy life -- I choose to speak for the elevator noise reduction technology of Shenzhen and Japan

In the complaint of elevator noise, the property company has been prevaricating on the ground that I am more sensitive to noise. However, this is not the case. Most people, including my neighborhood, can hear the elevator noise, and feel that the elevator noise has obvious interference on life and rest. But most people don't want to go through the hard work of fighting against it. They think it's not worth it, so they can only bear it silently. I think there is nothing more important than a healthy and happy life, and our life is absolutely impossible to bear it silently for a long time. In order to lead a happy life, I think the elevator noise must be completely eliminated. When you feel pain, when you dare to face the elevator noise, it is not far from success! When the elevator noise is finally eliminated, the moment when there is no need to suffer from the elevator noise, my feeling is joy, I think all my efforts are worth it!

As the beneficiary of noise reduction technology in Shenzhen and Japan, I also hope more people suffering from elevator noise can benefit. For the sake of your healthy life, I would like to choose to speak for Shenzhen and Japan's elevator noise reduction technology:

Elevator noise reduction, find "Mr. elevator";

Elevator noise control, choose Shenzhen and Japan noise control team!


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